Aerial photography services and 360° | Υπηρεσία Αεροφωτογραφίας & 360°

by professional licensed photographers from 50€/hour | από 50€/ώρα από επαγγελματίες φωτογράφους με άδεια χειριστή

4K High Definition Aerial Panoramas | Εναέριες Βιντεολήψεις υψηλής ευκρίνειας 4K

with vivid colors and editing final video on your place only 100€! | με ολοζώντανα χρώματα & επεξεργασία τελικού video στο χώρο σας μόνο με 100€!

Aerial services | Αεροφωτογραφίες | Βιντεολήψεις 

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Responsive Website / E-shop - Web Adv Banners with JavaScript animation or gif - User Interface for Mobile Apps
After Effects Video Animations & Professional Presentations Videos - Professional video editing - Adobe Photoshop expert retouching ( repair old photos and colorising )
Designs for Print Collateral: Bussines Cards - Flyers - Letterhead - Folders - Event Banners - Invitations etc. - Animated E-books - Inspiring and Beautifully designed Fonts

Konstantinos Iliadis

iliadisnewConstantine has a bachelors and master degree in computer science from university of Patra and a bachelor degree in economics from university of Thessaloniki Greece.

Highly analytic professional with strong communication skills worked 10 years as senior Accountant and teacher of accounting and 10 years as System Analyst , Database Administrator and Software Developer, freelancer and contractor for European companies, universities and European and USA State government departments . Owner of Multiple IT’s and Economist’s Certifications.

Konstantinos Papougenis

Konstantinos has a Bachelor’s Degree Certification from University of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science & DTP in Belgrade. (Природни математечки факултет smer računarstvo i informatiča, Beograd)

Specialised in: Graphic Design Advertisement, Web Page Design html5, WordPress, Photography and Animation.

Konstantinos is the artistic director of Preciousminds team. He studied mathematics computing in Belgrade and worked for many years as an instructor ECDL, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Corel Draw. He traveled around the world (Europe, America, Africa, Asia) where he obtained a special artistic view with emphasis on communication and the transmission of messages. He has 20 years experience in desktop publishing (dtp) and web-design and own the company Print4All ( specialising in printing and advertising.


Nasos Nanos

Responsible Retail Training IT systems

Head of Technical Support and Customer Service at Front and Back Office

Head of Technical Support Hardware

Head Solutions Division

Solutions Mobile Technologies & Barcode Systems

NetWay Network Technologies

Software Development Data Exchange